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I encourage everyone to aim to be the best version of themselves."

Paul Ramakers
Chief Executive Officer

Paul Ramakers has been Exact's Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chairman of the Board of Managing Directors and Chairman of the Executive Committee since November 2020. He joined Exact in 1995 and has held various positions since. After his switch to Grote Beer Software, an Exact subsidiary, he became responsible for Exact’s product portfolio and organisational strategy, among other duties. He previously headed the Sales and Customer Support departments.

As a result, he hasn't just built up an incredible wealth of knowledge of the organisation and industry, he also serves as a shining example to anyone who wants to get the best out of themselves. Paul himself says, “I am a warm advocate of the growth mindset and am committed to a diverse, inclusive company culture where everyone is given the opportunity to develop. Everything is possible if you are motivated and dedicated, daring enough to step out of your comfort zone and have a willingness to learn.”

Paul holds a Master’s degree in Economics from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. In addition to being Exact's CEO, Paul is also active as Chairman of the Exact Foundation. Through this foundation, we aim to provide equal opportunities for all by supporting unique learning and education initiatives.


November 2020 – hedenExact – Chief Executive Officer
2018 – 2020Exact – Chief Operating Officer
2015 – 2017Exact – Managing Director Business Solutions
2013 – 2014Exact – Corporate Strategy Director
2012 – 2013Exact – Managing Director Cloud Solutions
2011 – 2012Exact – Director Global Business Lines
2008 – 2010Exact – Managing Director Benelux
2003 – 2008Exact – Director SME
2000 – 2002Grote Beer Software – General Manager
1999 – 2000Grote Beer Software – Support Manager
1998 – 1999Grote Beer Software – Sales & Marketing Manager
1997 – 1998Grote Beer Software – Sales Executive
1995 – 1996Exact – Sales Support
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