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To truly serve your customers well and be able to offer solutions of value, you must first understand their needs."

Marcel van de Sandt
Chief Customer Success Officer

Marcel van de Sandt has been Exact's Chief Customer Success Officer (CCSO) and a member of the Executive Committee since November 2020. Marcel joined Exact in 1992 and has held various positions since, ranging from consultancy and support to product marketing and product management.

This extensive expertise serves him well in his role as CCSO. Marcel leads the Customer Success department, whose primary task is to keep 550,000 customers satisfied. Marcel says, “We are always there for our customers, either online or in person. It is vital that we provide fast, clear answers to all their questions. More than that, we like to be proactive and help entrepreneurs to get the most out of the software, optimise their business processes and achieve success without their having to ask.” Scalability and data utilisation are subjects dear to Marcel’s heart. Scalability ensures our ability to provide our customers with appropriate solutions, while data allows us to understand the ways in which they use our software and where to make improvements.

Marcel attended GK van Hogendorp school in Rotterdam, where he studied economics and marketing management.


November 2020 – presentExact – Chief Customer Success Officer
2020 – 2020Exact – Director Customer Success
2018 – 2020Exact – Director Customer Success Small Business & Accountancy
2016 – 2018Exact – Product Marketing Director and Customer Success Cloud Solutions
2012 – 2015Exact – Product Marketing Director Cloud Solutions
2011 – 2012Exact – Business Line Director Exact Online
2006 – 2011 Exact – Global Product Management Director
2004 – 2006Exact – Director Products and Support
2003 – 2004Grote Beer Software – Director
1992 – 2003Exact – various positions
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