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Today’s CFO combines financial knowledge with business insights, making them their CEO's co-pilot."

Alexander Rahusen
Chief Financial Officer

Alexander Rahusen has been Exact's Chief Financial Officer (CFO), a member of the Board of Managing Directors and member of the Executive Committee since January 2020. Prior to that, he was Head of Private Clients Europe at ABN AMRO. During his 23 years at the bank, Rahusen held various positions and worked in several different countries. He was head of ABN's Strategic Decision Support team and CFO Retail & Private Banking.

His broad perspective and strong engagement make Alexander distinctive. He believes that the role of a CFO goes beyond keeping accurate accounts. Alexander says, “Today’s CFO looks beyond the financial aspects. Instead of focusing purely on reporting of financial data, a CFO looks ahead. A CFO combines financial knowledge with business insights, making them their CEO's co-pilot.” He likes to combine data and intuition: two opposites that are both needed to achieve optimal results.

Alexander successfully completed a Master’s degree in Monetary Economics at Erasmus University in Rotterdam. In addition to his role as Exact's CFO, Alexander is also a board member and treasurer of the hospital foundation Stichting Steun Emma Kinderziekenhuis UMC Amsterdam.


January 2020 – presentExact – Chief Financial Officer
2017 – 2020ABN AMRO – Head Private Clients Europe
2016 – 2017ABN AMRO – Interim Group CFO
2013 – 2016ABN AMRO – Director Group Controlling
2010 – 2013ABN AMRO – CFO Retail & Private Banking
2008 – 2009ABN AMRO – Director Consumer Products & Processes
2006 – 2008ABN AMRO – Senior Vice President – Head Saving & Investments
2004 – 2006ABN AMRO – Senior Vice President – Head Strategic Decision Support NL
2002 – 2003ABN AMRO – Vice President – Group Strategic Decision Support
1996 – 2001ABN AMRO – Various functions in the Wholesale Banking Division in Global Markets, Structured Finance and Loan Products
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