Import transactions & match them to your bank statements

Keep your administration up to date without having to manually type out bank statements. Or, what's more, you can even create an automatic link between the transactions in your bank account and Exact. After all, manually typing out everything multiple times is outdated and no longer necessary.

Easy invoicing and automatic reminders

You can create invoices in just a few clicks and the administrative processing is automatic. All your outstanding invoices are shown in the dashboard and payment reminders are automatically generated. This gets your invoices paid quicker.

Run your entire business from our app

Our mobile app's strength is that it's full of useful functions. You can scan receipts and invoices which are then automatically added to your administration. You gain essential insights into your results and customer data. You can pretty much run your whole business from our app - wherever you happen to be and no matter which device you’re using.

Especially for your industry

For wholesalers

Real-time inventory management

As a wholesaler, you can take advantage of real-time inventory management, input price changes centrally, and easily print correct item labels. The storage locations and transaction lists of all items are constantly available. Your inventory management is integrated with your CRM and accounting which gives you full insight into your company.

For service providers

Easily convert hours into cash

Do you want to quickly convert your hours into cash? Record your hours immediately after every project - wherever you are, whether you have a smartphone, smartwatch, tablet or laptop. Your invoice can be generated in an instant and the administrative processing is automatic. This way, you know exactly which hours are linked to each project. This maximises your ability to invoice, saves you having to do the same work twice and prevents a loss of turnover.

For manufacturers

Calculate quotes in no time

At your manufacturing company, you can quickly and easily calculate quotes based on the most recent cost prices. One click is all that's needed. Everything is integrated: from manufacturing and inventory management to relationship management and accounting. You can keep it all in the same place. It couldn’t be more convenient!   

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