Vacu Vin

At the Vacu Vin company in Delft, it’s all about innovation. The renewed wining, dining and cooling products find their way to more than 75 countries worldwide. Vacu Vin’s branches in Europe and North America all use Exact Globe and Exact Synergy, what enables them to work efficiently and effectively towards expanding the business.

We can act quickly and effectively with Exact.

Business issue

  • Former solution Exact for DOS considered as basic and insufficient.
  • receiving orders from various branches using different software packages.
  • Entering orders into own system means double work.
  • Need to integrate the work at the offices in Belgium, France, Germany, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, Canada and the US.


  • Back office component Exact Globe for almost all modules, supplemented with Exact Easy Access Warehouse solution.
  • Front office component Exact Synergy integrating business processes and concentrating relevant information of all offices in one single platform.
  • Exact Synergy providing realtime access to information across the entire organization.


  • More reliable information and no more double work as entire staff works with the same system.
  • Exact Synergy speeding up the development process, allowing getting products on the market quicker.
  • Time gains regarding logistic processes.
  • Real-time insight into document flows and workflow.
  • Facilitated evaluation due to more insight into branches’ achievements.
  • Ability to work efficiently and effectively towards business expansion.
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