Accelerate the growth of your company

The opportunities in the market are growing fast. The trick is to take maximum advantage of the growth in your market, while the processes for running your business remain simple and clear. By standardizing and optimizing your project administration, your production and logistics processes, and of course your accounting, you not only work on your cost structure, with better results as a result, but you also make time to concentrate on the growth of your company.

Let your operation run like an oiled machine

To transform your company into a digital company, a lot of steps are needed. You want to be able to innovate in order to stay ahead of the competition. An information driven supply chain will help you with this. Not only to strengthen your position in a digital business, but also to be able to make better decisions.

Operational tasks can become much more efficient, through digital invoicing and matching payments. But the processes on the floor will also benefit. Through Warehouse Management and effective material planning, you buy at the right time and start production on time. This reduces your inventory, while your delivery reliability increases. Plan the capacities on the production floor on the basis of data, instead of your feeling. Administer and invoice your project hours without many headaches, and without mistakes.

Run your operation with Exact

With over 30 years of experience with customers who optimize their operation with business software, Exact knows exactly where efficiency can be achieved. This starts with automating the accounting system, removing unnecessary manual activities that not only reduce costs, but also prevent errors. Exact is ahead in the field of digital invoicing, automatic accounting and links with banks.

In addition, Exact takes a central role in running your operation on the basis of data. Let your projects run more efficiently, that the project and hours are billed and you come to an agreement. Buy sharper at lower stocks and higher customer satisfaction. Respond to the desire to be able to produce and deliver smaller numbers more and more often, without mistakes.

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Boost your financial result

Continuity and efficiency, you can win the match. Increase your results through data driven decisions based on clear reports. But also by not doing unnecessary manual work and using smart technology for you, instead of the other way around.

Easy to work with

Whether it concerns simple time registration or clear project reports - Exact is designed to make consulting firms easy. Let your employees easily do their hourly accounting online. You will see that hours are being tracked faster and better.

Delivery reliability in an online business

Healthy margins and complete control over your logistics and stock. Respond more flexibly and proactively to a higher customer demand by sending smaller quantities more often at lower error rates.

Innovate with a platform that grows with your success

Exact processes your production and logistics processes and of course your project administration and your financial figures in one system. Because all data is in a central place, everyone always works with the same information, wherever you are, whether you are operating locally or internationally with multiple branches. All in one.

You save costs thanks to flexible use of functionalities, which can be quickly and easily adapted to your needs, possibly with the specialized apps from our eco system. Connect systems at the moment that is needed, or just to take a lead over your competition. This leaves you time to focus on the growth of your company and innovation of new products and services.

  • Syarikat Jun Chong
  • Yogi Tea
  • Agrifac Machinery
  • Tebodin
  • Qlip
  • Weweler - Colaert NV

Client testimonialsSyarikat Jun Chong

Exact has helped us optimize our operation and significantly reduce costs. Exact offers great value for money. Thanks to its great reporting functionalities, it’s very easy to read and it comes at a much better price than any tailor-made software in the market.

Client testimonialsYogi Tea

This is how Yogi Tea manages millions of bags of tea around the world. Exact helps us to meet the strict quality requirements set by the FDA and other authorities.

Client testimonialsAgrifac Machinery

It's a piece of cake to review or update your production plans in Exact. The solution is intelligently set up, our information overview becoming increasingly more accurate which in turn supports the effectiveness of our planning.

Client testimonialsTebodin

With Exact Globe, we have been able to reduce our reporting time by 20%

Client testimonialsQlip

Exact is a significant part of our dairy farm assessment system.

Client testimonialsWeweler - Colaert NV

We’ve phased our workflows towards automation with Exact Synergy. It’s been a big operation, but our employees now consider it to be a very positive experience. With Exact solutions, our business processes are designed far more efficiently.

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