Tebodin is an international engineering consultancy with 50 branches in 24 countries. The company operates in a wide range of markets and industries, from energy and infrastructure, to healthcare, food production and oil and gas. Worldwide, the business employs nearly 5000 professionals.

With Exact Globe, we have been able to reduce our reporting time by 20%

Old situation

Tebodin is a Dutch company with subsidiaries all over the world. As a result of the rapid growth of their offices overseas, it was essential that the headquarters could follow their financial situation in detail. The administrative solution that they previously worked with did not support them in obtaining the local insight they required. Given that the Tebodin directors were heavily dependent on that input, the situation needed to change significantly.

The solution

Exact Globe was set up on the server at the headquarters in the Netherlands. All offices can now log into the same system and run their financial administrations in a central environment. The head office in The Hague now has continual real time insight in the financial situation of every single Tebodin office around the world.


  • Every country where tebodin is active can run their administration in their own language
  • the Exact software conforms to all legislative and fiscal requirements in every country where it’s used
  • Follow every administration worldwide from the headquarters in the Hague
  • Faster processes thanks to automation
  • Every process and all master data fully integrated
  • Financial status of all projects now available at any moment
  • up-to-date management information
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