Work quickly and easily with Exact's Apps

Apps have revolutionized our way of working

Initially these were large versatile applications, which sometimes required days of training to be able to work with them efficiently. Now these are more task-oriented mobile apps, which you can use immediately and without a manual.

With Exact you benefit from the simplicity of mobile apps, combined with the strength of a central company information system. You have complete insight into all your business processes, and your employees can work with the apps on their smartphones as they are accustomed to, easily and quickly.

Accessible apps for every employee

We develop apps centred around you, the user, and your activities. We offer you a completely new user experience that saves you time and money. All our apps are secured with a PIN code, so your information is safe and still easily and quickly accessible. Do you use multiple apps? By simply entering your login details once, you can easily switch between the different apps.

Exact CRM App

This is the mobile app that puts your customer first. All the information you need to be well prepared for a meeting is instantly at your fingertips from anywhere. Your calendar, current sales opportunities and workflows, combined with the most up-to-date information about your customer. It uses data from internal sources and social media, and keeps everything in one place. You are therefore fully informed all the time. From updating the status of a sales opportunity to planning a follow-up meeting, the Exact CRM App means you will work faster and easier than ever before.

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Exact Self Service App

This is the ideal app to quickly and easily provide your employees with insight into their personal information. Realtime insight into their holiday balance, salary slips and personal file. Employees can also use the app to take leave directly or to report in sick. This app saves time for everyone within your organisation, not only for HR!

This app requires as a minimum Exact Synergy version 252 and a device with iOS6 or higher, or Android 4.0 or higher, or Windows 10.

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Exact Synergy App

Are you still working with an older version of Exact Synergy? The general app for Exact Synergy provides all your employees with access to their calendar, workflows and data on their clients and colleagues. In addition, requesting a day off or submitting expenses was never this simple. You have immediate insight into available holiday, salary slips and your workflows. You can also find the right colleague and the most up-to-date information on your accounts extremely quickly on your iOS, Android or Windows device.

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Exact Field Service App

No more carrying around documents, manuals or job sheets. The Exact Field Service App offers service engineers insight into all relevant information at the customer’s site, including service orders, service history of the customer, documentation and manuals. Give your service engineers mobile access to all the relevant information they need, combined in one intuitive app. This allows them to carry out their service activities even better.

To use the Exact Field Service App you require Exact Synergy (from product update 252) with a professional role or a service management role. In addition, you will also need Exact Globe (from product update 405).

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