Exact, made for your industry

The secret power of our business software? That's the solid, financial base complemented with specific features that have been fine-tuned for 35 years for unique business processes and challenges within accountancy, construction, education, government, healthcare, manufacturing, professional services and wholesale distribution.


Poor delivery reliability is devouring billions in profits. That's why a fast-increasing number of manufacturing companies are digitising and streamlining their processes. The result? Create competitive quotes quickly, follow the planning in realtime and - in the end - improve delivery reliability.

Wholesale distribution

Regardless of their size, wholesalers are tackling increasingly tight margins and stricter competition with Exact. Realtime insight, flexible inventory management and integrated webshops are the favourite weapons of choice.

Professional services

Non-billable hours are costing billions in profits and business models are shifting. That's why service providers are starting to digitise with Exact. The all-in-1 approach helps to increase billability, prevents missed project deadlines and lets you experiment with new business models.

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