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How efficient is your supply chain communication?

Written by Tonnis de Boer on . Posted in Wholesale

Many companies now have their internal automation well organized and under control. But is that also the case through the wider supply chain? Business are not stand alone operators – they are a part of something much bigger. Producers, traders, wholesalers and logistic operators – they all add value to the product arriving at the end consumer. If that’s going to be enough value to protect a profit for those involved, optimal communication between them is essential.

In the shadows

Written by Michiel Bos on . Posted in Business

Even within the four strictly organized walls of your company things are happening that are hidden away in the shadows. Out of sight, but gnawing away at your processes, control and understanding. Employees are buying, hiring, downloading or logging into and using applications, tools and services that you know nothing about. That your IT department knows nothing about. This is shadow IT. A subject that’s well worth shining some light on.

Analytics – know what the customer wants before they do

Written by Justus van Hoegee on . Posted in Business

It’s now all about customer intimacy – getting as close to the customer as you possibly can. Sadly, that sounds easier than it actually is. The majority of relationships between customers and suppliers tend to stick at the transactional level of the product or service. This doesn’t really support the creation of additional customer value, and makes it all too easy for the customer to swap supplier A with supplier B. If businesses want to avoid this issue, how can they actually create that genuinely valued relationship?

7 focus areas for successful supply chain integration

Written by Tonnis de Boer on . Posted in Wholesale

Why area manufacturers steadily buying more of their raw materials and components in from European suppliers? Research indicates that sustainable competitive advantage is being increasingly dictated not by the lowest purchasing price, but in the degree of efficient co-operation in the supply chain. Outsourcing to low wage distant destinations is truly 'out'.

Are manufacturers ready for the Internet of Things?

Written by Richard Francis on . Posted in Wholesale

The Internet of Things (IoT) has already become a commonplace aspect of everyday life for many, it’s impact both cultural and social. And it’s influence has certainly extended to the business world. Here we look in particular at its application in the manufacturing industry. The possibilities are significant, but where do the challenges lie?

Is your business advisor about to be replaced by a robot?

Written by Michiel Bos on . Posted in Financials

We see it regularly in the news: the ‘robotizing’ of our work. The jobs of millions are going to disappear, their tasks completed by machines. Even the more educated among us are running the risk of being replaced by ASIMO (a project developed by Honda) and his colleagues. The developments are responsible for all kinds of opinions and discussions, it certainly being an interesting stimulus to have a good look at your own business…