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Compliance – more than financial reporting

Written by Michiel Beek on . Posted in Financials

Compliance normally starts us thinking about ‘bookkeeping rules’. While that’s true, it’s also about more than that. About creating process optimization, often through the standardizing and centralizing of company activities. That in turns gives companies control over their processes and more reliable insights into the results. The businesses that do this well can be confident their managers have the right information at the right moment – the basis for making smart decisions. 

Busy doing everything, but busy doing the right things?

Written by Michiel Bos on . Posted in Services

Running your business asks everything of you. You do whatever’s necessary to be and stay successful. Fighting the competition, finding and keeping the right people. Delivering projects on time, on budget and, more importantly, at the right quality level. Acquiring new projects and increasing the visibility of the business. Every day sees you invest serious time in ensuring progress. However, can you be sure that you’re really doing the right things?

Help! My e-mail is taking over!

Written by Michiel Bos on . Posted in Business

For the majority of businesses, e-mail is used for just about everything. And the majority of people also tend to complain about how much e-mail they get. Particularly for professional service providers, where consultants spend so much time off site, e-mail as communication tool of choice has become practically second nature. In reality though, it’s something we’d actually like to get away from. So how can we actually draw a line under the endless stream of e-mail filling up our inboxes?

More successful projects? Listen to the project controller!

Written by Michiel Bos on . Posted in Business

Project managers and the financial administration – it remains a tricky combination. When the project manager is focusing fully on the best possible result, the money factor can sometimes take a back seat. It is then up to the project controller to ring the bell and get a grip on the project’s financial situation. Here we look at how they can help projects to be successful on every front.

3D-printing – take it on, or not?

Written by Auke Hylarides on . Posted in Manufacturing

3D-printing is practically a daily news item now, with all kinds of innovative and often rather futuristic applications. While the possibilities around 3D-printing (or Additive Manufacturing if you prefer) seem enormous, many businesses remain uncertain about what exactly they should be doing with the technology. Are we going to use it for our own production and design processes? Which applications are both possible and affordable? Where can it be effectively employed, and where less so? What about multi-colour printing? What will work, and what wont?

Is your business growing out of control?

Written by Richard Francis on . Posted in Services

Effective consolidation is certainly no easy task. Rules and regulations are getting tighter and stricter, both domestically and internationally. A flawless audit trail, irrespective of how complex tax regulations may be, has become essential. With four eyes needed on more administrative processes than ever before, what help can growing businesses expect from their IT?