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Is software the key to a leaner office?

Written by Marlous de Klerk on . Posted in Wholesale

Over the last weeks we’ve been discussing the idea of bringing lean principles to the back office – the things to think about during planning, and the key considerations for starting an implementation. With this in mind, just how important is getting the right software solution behind you?

Project planning – once bitten, twice shy!

Written by Richard Francis on . Posted in Services

Making the same mistake twice should be unforgivable, yet it happens all the time. Delays, over-spends and unexpected third party hires are all unpleasant, but never more so than when it’s happened before for the same reason. With this in mind, what can professional services companies do to ensure their operations continue to improve with experience?

Navigate safely in international waters

Written by Michiel Bos on . Posted in Services

People have been making maps for thousands of years. Of their local environment, important routes and own property. From the Babylonian clay tablets, to the GPS system in your car, we’ve continually been busy with working out where we are, and planning how to get where we want to go. Sadly though, if you want to take your business over the border, a map of roads, rivers and territorial borders isn’t going to be enough to ensure a successful journey.

Gaining control on the shop floor

Written by Auke Hylarides on . Posted in Manufacturing

The production strategy of many companies is changing. Shifting to assemble-to-order production, manufacturers are focusing more on R&D, sales & marketing, purchase and production assembly. To stay competitive these companies constantly focus on lead time reduction, searching for new lean methodologies to keep operational margins healthy.

The LEAN desk policy - dealing effectively with waste in the office

Written by Marcel Verhoeven on . Posted in Business

Up to 90% of the processes running in the average office incorporate waste. Waste that's also costing your organization time and money. Think about the tsunami of CC emails that fly round, receipts sitting in trays waiting for a manager to initial them, incorrect data entry, no or double hour registration, waiting times at the help desk and standard reports that nobody even has the slightest interest in reading any more. Lean has the ability to stop these deviations in your processes in their tracks, driving the quality up and the costs down. Automation, together with correct process design, can then further amplify the effect.

Are you trying to sell too much?

Written by Richard Francis on . Posted in Business

Across the board, from manufacturing to retail, companies seem to have a significant issue – controlling quality and service level across the full breadth of their product assortments. Put quite simply, many businesses are letting their portfolio get out of hand.