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How do you calculate the ROI for HRM software?

Written by Justus van Hoegee on . Posted in Business

Employees, managers and HRM departments can all benefit from dedicated HRM solutions, particularly in the SMB sector. However, every investment needs to be backed up by a solid business case for the people controlling the purse strings. Unfortunately, many HR managers struggle to accurately pin down what the realistic return on investment for HR software will look like.

Why talent management programs fail to deliver

Written by Justus van Hoegee on . Posted in Business

A lot is said and written about talent management and the programs that companies set up within their talent development strategy. But what do these programs actually deliver in practice? It’s important to ask yourself what exactly it is that you want to achieve in making use of your company's best young human resources. It’s likely that an extensive program is not the best way of achieving the desired results. What is important is to know what your people need for their ongoing development, and that the information is then properly recorded and managed. That may in itself be enough.

The Internet of Things – Is it a game changer?

Written by Auke Hylarides on . Posted in Manufacturing

The Internet of Things (IoT) is hotter than ever. Barely a day goes by that we don’t see a new innovative application of the technology in an unexpected setting. The possibilities seem almost endless, and if you don’t get in now, you’re likely to do all your competitors a favor. And faster than you think. In short, time for action!

Fighting off the evolving copycats

Written by Jarno van Hurne on . Posted in Wholesale

China remains an important off-shore country – for production, for purchasing and increasingly for sales. That said, many entrepreneurs doing business there, and even some who aren’t, continue to carry the same warning: beware of copycats. Why is that? And what can be done about it?

ERP – rise of the consumerized machines

Written by Jarno van Hurne on . Posted in Financials

From new graduates to today’s middle-thirty-somethings entering more senior positions, the volume of professionals who learned their IT through Facebook and Google is growing fast. In fact, it won’t be long before they’re the serious majority. Importantly though, what they’re saying and doing is already telling. Quite simply, they’re not prepared to have to manage their business lives with hundreds of clicks on archaic green screens born before ‘User Experience’ existed.

Consolidation – going beyond the misleading spreadsheet

Written by Robêrt de Gier on . Posted in Financials

The later in- and external parties get their hands on trustworthy year, quarter and other important reports, the less they are able to do with that information. That’s created significant pressure on organizations to deliver quality, transparent information within an increasingly short time frame. That’s not easy though. With the financial consolidation process long and labour intensive, how to get back in the financial driving seat?

5 steps: taking your IT smoothly into the cloud

Written by Richard Francis on . Posted in Business

As entrepreneur, you want to move with the times, making use of the latest technology to empower your business. But you also want to be sure that the new technology is really going to make a valuable contribution. Included in that is a move to the cloud, the technology of the future when it comes to running business software. You want to make sure that it’s really going to deliver what you expect. What exactly is that though? What are the requirements and conditions for a move to the cloud? Getting the details of the situation clear isn’t always easy.

Is your business model drone-ready?

Written by Jarno van Hurne on . Posted in Wholesale

According to a recent survey in the UK, 42% of companies in the logistics sector expect that their business will eventually incorporate unmanned air vehicles. Given that it’s now possible to buy a drone for less than €100, the use of this technology is rapidly becoming more than a pipe dream. For some, that future isn’t very far away.

The 5 challenges for every professional service provider

Written by Michiel Bos on . Posted in Services

Professional service provision remains under pressure despite the overall improvements in the global economy. It’s a project business. But what exactly the projects consist of, and how they need to run - well, opinions can certainly vary. Customers expect increasing levels of flexibility, co-operation and transparency. And then the organization itself also needs to try and run as smoothly as it can – a fact that’s sometimes not given quite the attention it deserves.