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Five reasons why the CFO should be called the Digital CFO from now on

Written by Joost van Koot on . Posted in Financials

The digital economy is everywhere. There is no sector that is not (directly or indirectly) influenced by new technologies. New business models are driven by the Cloud, mobile, Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning, Blockchain and Big Data. Five reasons why CFOs have to reinvent themselves as Digital CFOs to grapple with these developments.

The ‘connected’ organisation – why mobility is a must

Written by Lieneke Verrest on . Posted in Business

Mobile working is one of the key trends in the development of business software. In recent years companies have become really dependent on mobile technology to do business. In our daily lives, we arrange increasingly more things by using our smartphone or tablet. Paying bills, booking a holiday, ordering shopping, keeping up to date with the news (via social media), watching films, playing games. Primarily the user-friendliness and processing power of IT has grown exponentially, thereby changing our concept of an acceptable IT experience. This has also had an effect on our expectations of IT at work.

10 reasons why year closing with Excel needs to stop

Written by Joost van Koot on . Posted in Financials

And why it’s now time for a proper consolidation tool

Year closing is a serious undertaking for any financial team. If you’re up to your neck in spreadsheets, your making your life more difficult that it needs to be. Not convinced? Well, here are at least 10 reasons why 2016 should be the last year you complete without a dedicated consolidation tool.

Max Verstappen's 4 valuable lessons for companies

Written by Robêrt de Gier on . Posted in Financials

A promotion, winning his first race for Red Bull Racing and one of the most impressive drives Formula 1 has ever witnessed; 2016 represented the transition from a huge talent to international superstar for Max Verstappen. The Netherlands is currently gripped by 'Max Mania'. But what can we learn from him and his Red Bull Racing team?

Reduce inventory costs, Yes! But how?

Written by Auke Hylarides on . Posted in Wholesale

New targets to improve margins. You want to reduce your inventory costs. How can you achieve that without compromising the level of service? How do you strike the right balance between purchasing, inventory costs and having to turn customers away because you are out of stock? What is the optimum level?

Wholesale of the future

Written by Bram Streefkerk on . Posted in Wholesale

We have already seen countless trend reports and top five lists for 2017 for wholesale, distribution and supply chain. These predictions all seem to have one thing in common: namely the observation that change is the only constant. Digital is the new normal, and you must embrace these changes as quickly as possible as an entrepreneur: eat or be eaten.

CFO, your systems already operate in the Cloud, don't they?

Written by Lieneke Verrest on . Posted in Financials

The time of 'sitting back to take another look at everything' is over. It is crucial that companies prioritise the application of technological innovations and take rapid action. The growth of companies who have their software entirely or partially in the Cloud is growing, but not every company is making this transition. And that is a pity, because there appears to be a strong correlation between the use of the Cloud and the growth figures of a company.

The digital factory: hype or necessity?

Written by Nico Bijl on . Posted in Manufacturing

Smart Industry, Industry 4.0, Digital Manufacturing. Much has been written and discussed recently about “the digital factory”. A factory where everything is fully automated and paperless. How realistic is that digital factory and to what extent is it necessary for manufacturers to (rapidly) achieve this? We will discuss these two questions further here.

Digital transformation: Time for the CFO to step up, or step aside

Written by Robêrt de Gier on . Posted in Financials

Technological innovation and the disruption that accompanies it now touch every individual across a business – from shop floor to top floor. Finance is certainly no different, with many financials well aware that more than 50% of their typical work activities will soon be managed by computers*. Given the sea change that’s underway, what should the financial leader be doing to ensure they stay relevant?