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Why HR needs data to be taken seriously in the MT

Written by Exact on . Posted in Business

HR is not taken seriously in the majority of organisations and this is primarily because of HR itself. And by this I don’t mean that HR professionals are seen as 'softies'. No, it concerns the balance between the heart and mind, between sensing and knowing and between having a hunch and actually being 100% sure.

A healthy company is versatile

Written by Exact on . Posted in Manufacturing

No sugar, fewer carbohydrates, gluten-free. Mindful and healthy eating is hot. Consumers are turning away from unhealthy products en masse and embracing one superfood trend after another. How do you respond to this as a food manufacturer? Do you go wherever the wind blows? Or do you still need to master the art of versatility?

From accountant to consultant: BI for financial management

Written by Richard Francis on . Posted in Business

Many financial managers experience challenges on a daily basis. They possess crucial information that can heavily impact business strategy, but are often unable to contribute to researching the results. Since traditional reporting methods are so time-consuming, they often just forward the information, rather than analyse and discuss it. The right BI tools can change this situation.

Big data: a CFO’s best friend? Only with the right KPIs.

Written by Exact on . Posted in Financials

Financial managers who are searching for ways to work faster and smarter are exploring the potential of big data. Big data undoubtedly has a lot to offer the financial manager. But not ‘just like that’. It’s possible to have a mountain of data, but that mountain is of little value without the strategy and the tools to convert the data into useable insights.

Be smart with fluctuating costs

Written by Exact on . Posted in Manufacturing

The food industry is under pressure. Competition over scale, costs and prices is intense. How should you deal with price fluctuations? Approached in the right way, you’ll make a profit. If not, you could be faced with significant expenses.

What are the 4 ‘hot’ topics for the CFO agenda in 2017?

Written by Robêrt de Gier on . Posted in Financials

Robotics, machine learning, blockchain- all technologies which cause disruption and spark digital transformation. 2016 could well be described as the year in which technological developments gained a foothold in both boardroom planning and management publications. If the trend gurus are to be believed, there are some big changes on the horizon. But what’s realistic? And what time frame are we talking about? What are the hot topics that should be on every CFO’s strategic agenda in 2017?