Webinar: Field Service Management in Action

Your customers expect the rapid and expert servicing of the products and equipment they buy from you. Exact Service Management helps you to deliver outstanding service with quicker response times and the ability to assign the right engineer to the job. Service contracts will become profitable and you’ll have a key service advantage over your competitors.

Above all, you’ll make your customers’ lives a whole lot easier by minimizing equipment downtime. Improve your service provision with Exact Service Management and our Field Service App. Achieve greater insight, work more efficiently and create greater customer focus.

The webinar demonstrates the key areas of our field service management solution. They include:

  1. Knowledge Base – or a repository of knowledge compiled by experienced field engineers for future reference, training or troubleshooting exercises
  2. The management of tools covering request, allocation, transfer and return of high value tools
  3. The Step-by-Step process of service operations
  4. The monitoring of the Service business via a built-in dashboard

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