ERP-software by Exact

ERP software from Exact brings financial, logistics, project-related and administrative business processes together in one system. As a result, everyone works with the same information and the chance of errors is minimal. Discover how you can achieve your objectives through smart integration of your processes.

What is ERP?

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. This system connects and automates business processes within your organization. Whether there is one branch or dozens in different countries. The ERP system ensures that everyone involved has access to the same information about, for example, stock levels, delivery times, orders, finances and personnel. This is possible because all information ends up in a central database. This is then available for anyone with the appropriate rights. A well-chosen and arranged ERP system ensures higher productivity within the organization. And that you can respond faster to changes in your industry.

Grip on your company with fully integrated ERP software

The higher your business goals, the more complex your processes. Your information provision must be optimal. Therefore choose Exact, the proven ERP package with financial administration integrated with sector-specific solutions for wholesale and logistics, service organizations, production and construction.

Exact Online voor Handel

ERP software for Wholesalers

Work efficiently and increase your margins with the ERP package for Wholesalers

With Exact for Wholesale Distribution you always have an overview of your stocks, orders and returns. Use the ERP system as the engine of your omnichannel strategy. The ERP software acts as the central information source that feeds your webshop, EDI, and sales apps with data. Your physical flow of goods is automatic, so your logistics process is optimal.

  • Save costs with smart inventory management software
  • Streamline your logistics processes
  • Work with a 1 central database
  • Take advantage of reports and automatic signaling

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ERP-software for Project Management

Always insight into your project progress and time registration

With ERP software for business services you always have up-to-date insight into all your processes; from sales to invoicing. You are assured of correct invoicing of the registered hours. This provides insight and your company is ready for the future.

  • Grip on budgets
  • Quick insight into your projects and planning
  • Time registration via web or app
  • Send correct invoices quickly
  • Take advantage of international support
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ERP software for manufacturing companies

Get a better grip on your manufacturing process and optimise your margins

With Exact's ERP software for production companies, you use production resources effectively and you optimize inventory levels. Thanks to clear reports and automatic signaling, you keep control and save costs. Take your first step towards the "smart" factory of the future.

  • Save costs with smart inventory management software
  • Streamline your production process
  • Optimize your inventory levels with Material Requirements Planning (MRP)
  • Take advantage of reports and automatic signaling

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