Harcor Security Seals

About Harcor: for more than four decades Harcor has supplied tailored solutions and innovative products to a diverse range of leading Australian business. Harcor began operations in 1969 with an approach from a single client who required solutions to reduce theft from shipping containers.

Harcor provides unique customer portals using Exact’s B2B E-Commerce portal technology.

Business needs

Harcor have been users of Exact Globe and Synergy Enterprise since 2006. In January 2010 they decided to offer multiple WEB based Portals, so many of their customers can use their own branded ordering Portal.


Clients chose to implement Exact’s B2B E-Commerce portal to allow their customers to have a unique individual ordering system, with “Real-time” stock information. Hence the customer places the order, fully aware of the availability of supply. Customers can also reorder past orders, review them or save favorite orders, which can easily be repeated. The Harcor WEB shop also supports customer orders in multiple currencies.

Value proposition

Improved customer ordering via customer branded web based ordering system that also allows customers to see real time stock information with favourite order options to reduce manual data entry. High customer acceptance has delivered improved communication and unification of their orders, with integrated and automated processes whilst ensuring legal compliance.

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