Webinar: Exact for CRM and Workflow Management

Achieving CRM Excellence with Workflow Management

Exact for CRM brings down the barriers between sales, marketing, finance, support and all the other departments that come into regular contact with your customers. The web-based CRM system offers you an organisation-wide source of information. Thanks to document management and workflows you can be certain that all employees are properly informed and contribute towards sustainable relationships with your customers. With the app, you can be confident of always having access to the very latest information and you will never miss a sales opportunity again! The webinar takes you through the main drivers of CRM Excellence with specific examples given on how the CRM lifecycle manages:

  • Marketing and Leads Management
  • Leads Generation
  • Opportunities Management
  • Helpdesk Support

Watch our live demonstration and discover how the Exact for CRM is beneficial to your organisation:

  • 100% insight into real-time information
  • Offer your customers more service
  • With the full integration with Exact for Finance, ERP and HRM, everyone works in one central system with the same set of information
  • Complete control from first contact to invoicing
  • Instant access to information with the CRM App
  • Greater execution power for sales

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