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Full insight into your business with Exact Online

Exact Online gives you everything you need in a single integrated online package. In addition to accounting and CRM, we provide specific solutions for your industry. Around 400.000 entrepreneurs are already making their aspirations a reality with Exact Online.

The number 1 software for ambitious entrepreneurs and accountants

Exact Online covers both accounting and CRM, providing firm foundations on which to build a strong company. We also have integrated packages for business owners in the manufacturing, wholesale and professional services industries.

  • Everything automated in a single flexible subscription
  • Improve your results thanks to 24/7 insight into all figures and data
  • Work online together to achieve the best results
  • Maximum security for your data at all times

Exact Online: more than just accounting

All of our products include accounting & CRM features

Find out which product is best suited to your company

Don't know which product you need? Our decision aid is designed to help you determine which product will meet your needs and best suit your company in just a few clicks.

  • VANMAX Pindakaas
  • Witloft
  • MaMa Kelly
  • Together Detachering
  • RB Motoren

Client testimonialsVANMAX Pindakaas

It's important to have a good overview of my financial situation. Changes in bank transactions are automatically entered and invoices are automatically processed. It saves a great deal of time.

Client testimonialsWitloft

It's good to have a system that you can always rely on. I can use the app to keep track of what's going on and see the global status of the company.

Client testimonialsMaMa Kelly

I chose Exact for Accounting on the advice of my accountant. It's easy to maintain an overview of everything and even process my annual account and tax returns.

Client testimonialsTogether Detachering

I use the bank feeds, which means my bank statements are automatically added to my administrative records. I'm done in just a few clicks.

Client testimonialsRB Motoren

Working online with my accountant means that I don't have to drop by their office each month. In that sense alone, my subscription has already paid off.

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