Liz Peters
Customer Support Team Lead

"Customer Support is a talent incubator."

Liz Peters had completed her studies in Commercial Economics when her niece, who works in software, encouraged her to consider this field. Liz decided to follow her advice and ended up applying for a Customer Support job at Exact. 

Customer Support proved a great way to get to know the sector thoroughly. This department really acts as Exact's talent incubator. Many of us at Exact started our careers here before moving on to other positions throughout the company.  

Knowledge and Advice

The first few weeks at Customer Support focus entirely on your training. You familiarise yourself with the products, and after assimilating lots of relevant knowledge, link up with a mentor. They listen in on your calls, and you listen to theirs. It's a wonderful way to refine your communication skills. 

"I'm a mentor myself now."

"People tend to see Customer Support as a helpdesk, but it's much more than that. The work is very challenging. I love the technical aspects and the far-reaching knowledge I need to support our customers. As they may have worked with our products for over a decade, they can ask relevant and occasionally complex questions, which we are happy to help with."  

After working for Exact for several months, Liz moved on to writing training programmes as well. She finds helping new colleagues get off to a smooth start to be at least as enjoyable as helping customers tackle their challenges. 

Her team is divided amongst Exact's offices in Delft, Zwolle and Eindhoven. They are in daily contact to exchange information about specific issues. "We also meet for a bite every last Friday of the month. That's always great fun. We're very close, even if we are spread out across the country." 


Exact is a company where you can go far. If you are clear about your ambitions, much is possible.  

As a company, Exact is open in multiple ways. When you first enter the offices in Delft, you step inside our large, light-filled atrium. The organisational structure is very open as well. Everyone is approachable and colleagues are always willing to help out. It's a fantastic place to launch your career! 

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