Sanjeev Bharadwaj
Software Engineer

"I moved from Germany to the Netherlands to take up this job, and I'm glad I did."

One of the reasons Sanjeev was eager to join Exact was the tremendous reach. "As a mobile developer, I consider the customers my audience. It makes me proud to create a new application and it gives me pleasure to see it get used by lots of people." In fact, thousands of people download and make use of his work. How cool is that! 

Buddy System

Sanjeev originally hails from India and moved from Germany to the Netherlands to take up this job. His colleagues come from all over the world: China, Malaysia, India, the Netherlands, Poland and Vietnam. A buddy system links new people with more experienced colleagues; Sanjeev's buddy works in Malaysia. "We call each other every day to discuss the day's challenges. That way I can help him learn how we do things here." 

The team employs the scrum method. "We used to work in two-week sprints, but we've extended that to three weeks. That way, we have more time to assess our work and tie up any loose ends." This is vital, as they strive for continuous delivery and automated testing, meaning that every sprint ends in a delivery. 

Smartphone Features

Their apps truly add functionality, such as the app for the Apple Watch that provides customers with quick access to their financial statements. When Apple introduced their new 3D Touch function, this was immediately incorporated into the app. 

Development Tools

Any time a new technology or device appears, they get to work. Mobile developments move at lightning speed, so the work of a full stack mobile developer is very dynamic. It's important to stay up to date on new developments, new releases, new languages and new design patterns. "We program in Swift, a very powerful language that's easy to use. We also work with React Native, Appium, EarlGrey, Fastlane and many more interesting development tools.”

Mobile Gadgets

"Exact's management cares deeply about mobile usage. They understand that this is our future. That's great for me and my team. It makes us proud when we come up with a cool new functionality and subsequently see it mentioned by the company on social media", says Sanjeev.
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