Are you full of great ideas? Looking for an internship? Speak up and you’ll be heard! In the dynamic environment of Exact, anybody can have impact – regardless of age or experience.

Founded by students

Back in 1984, Exact was founded by six students. So you bet we take students seriously and value their input. Even though we are nog over 30 years old and have 1,450 employees working in 14 countries, we are still very young of mind. You’ll feel at home in no-time!

Never stop learning

As Exact is a growing and evolving company, there are always new opportunities around the corner. Our in-house learning center, the Exademy, offers training courses is all possible directions to prepare you for challenges to come.

Anybody can have impact

In our dynamic environment, anybody can have impact. We value ideas by their merit, not by their source. New opinions, people and cultures keep our minds flexible, while we stay committed to our ambition of conquering the world.

"After my internship, I got offered a job straight away."

Jennifer Vink, Data Engineer

Exact is always looking for interns in various departments. We love the energy of young ambitious people. While we gladly give you room for personal development and are open to any new ideas you bring to the table. If you’re a keeper, we’ll keep you!

Data Engineer
Software Engineer

"Being a good Software Engineer is not only about what you code, but also about how you code."

Erik Ammerlaan, Software Engineer

Good code is easily moldable and adaptable to new technologies, insight and customer needs. Good code also prevents bugs.


Exact is a global top-3 player in cloud business software. With 1,000 new customers joining us every week, we are on the highway to success and we intend to grow exponentially over the next few years. We are glad to give our ambitious and talented people all the room they need to flourish and grow within our organization.


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