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Now that live events unfortunately cannot take place, we offer several webinars. This allows you to stay informed about the possibilities of your current products, the opportunities offered by new products and to gain inspiration and knowledge that will help you through this difficult time.

Installation & Technical Management Exact Synergy Enterprise

Installation & Technical Management Exact Synergy Enterprise

 Gert Jan Tuin

During this webinar you will learn everything about installing and managing Exact Synergy Enterprise and Microsoft SQL. Also covered is setting background jobs and backup schedules.

Installation & Technical Management Exact Globe

Installation & Technical Management Exact Globe

 Gert Jan Tuin

During this webinar you will learn everything about installing and managing Exact Globe and Microsoft SQL. We cover creating administrations, defining roles for users and creating a backup schedule.

Social Collaboration & Workspaces

Social Collaboration & Workspaces

 Gert Jan Tuin

In this training you will see what you use Synergy Workspaces for, how you create them and share information about them. You will also discover how useful Social Collaboration is for sharing information with your colleagues. Afterwards you will know how to bring collaboration within your company to the highest level.

Layouts in Exact Globe

Layouts in Exact Globe

 Rutger Zwinkels

In this webinar we cover layouts in Exact Globe. You will learn how to create various types of layouts (invoice, reminder, etc.) and how to adjust existing layouts.

Tips & tricks Exact Globe

Tips & tricks Exact Globe

 Rutger Zwinkels.

In this training we go through a number of frequently asked questions about the financial module of Exact Globe. You will hear about the use of different data and overviews such as the various maps and pivot analysis.

Exact Consolidation

Exact Consolidation

 Fiona Finch

Exact Consolidation provides one central source with the most up-to-date financial data. With one push of a button, you can create consolidations, planning and reports. In this way, all financial data, but also non-financial data, are effortlessly matched to each other.

The key benefits of Exact Consolidation:

  • Complete financial data warehouse
  • Consolidate, budget, and forecast with 100% certainty
  • Clear audit trails
  • Multiple currencies supported
  • Self-service reporting
Exact for Incoming Invoice Register

Exact Incoming Invoice Register

 Maarten Raeymaekers

Process invoices easily, quickly, and flawlessly. With Incoming Invoice Register, your invoices are automatically recognized in Exact and processed in the correct administration. This means less manual work and more time for real business. In addition, you automatically build up a digital archive. In this way you always have the original invoice at hand, wherever you are. It is also possible to have purchase invoices approved for payment. Discover for yourself how you can save a lot of time with Incoming Invoice Register.

The key benefits of Exact Incoming Invoice Register:

  • Considerable time and money savings
  • 100% accurate
  • Retrieve invoices quickly
  • No manual input
  • Workflow for approval
Exact Insights

Exact Insights

 Maureen Webb

Companies that have business intelligence at the basis of their strategic decisions perform better than their competitors. Especially when, by using a self-service data analysis tool, employees can integrate, visualize, and analyse data themselves. With our BI tool Exact Insights, you can effortlessly convert large amounts of data into organization-wide KPIs and trends.

The key benefits of Exact Insights:

  • Available at any time on any device
  • Make more efficient analyses combining all business data
  • Make the right decisions based on the current situation
  • Standard dashboards for specific industries and disciplines
  • You will never again have to create reports in PowerPoint or Excel
Exact for International Finance

Exact International Finance

 Harold van der Bel

Connect all your branches worldwide with a single system. International companies are often complex. Doing business internationally means taking differences in local laws and regulations into account. Exact for International Finance integrates all your systems, from your financial processes to industry-specific ERP solutions. Together in one source. You operate internationally with one supplier, one contact and one agreement.

The key benefits of Exact for International Finance:

  • Available everywhere, compliant everywhere
  • All-in-one system
  • One strategic partner worldwide
  • Uniform data everywhere
  • Easy consolidation
Exact for CRM

Exact CRM

 Jenny Kloezeman

Do you want to increase the strength of your sales organization? Support your sales team with a CRM system, so that it is immediately clear in which segments you are successful. Focus on the lowest acquisition costs combined with the highest customer lifetime value.

The key benefits of Exact CRM:

  • One central place for all customer related information
  • Boost sales effectiveness and transparency
  • An essential link in a digital business
  • Workflow based activities cross departments
  • Insight anywhere and anytime with the CRM app
Exact for Professional Services Organizations

Exact Professional Services Organizations

 Zahra Ashrafi

With Exact PSA you have one solution for your finance, time registration, project management, capacity planning, procurement, and invoicing. This helps you to achieve high margins and satisfied clients.

The key benefits of Exact PSA:

  • More insight into your capacity planning
  • Easy time registration
  • Invoice on time and correctly
  • More billable hours
  • Run your business anytime, anywhere via the App
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