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Exact Globe

Exact Globe is the basis for our Finance and ERP software

Exact Globe: innovative ERP software

New customers can choose from a range of industry and process oriented complete business software solutions. Existing customers can expand Globe with additional functional modules, users and administrations.

  • Best-in-class financial administration
  • Integrate all financial and operational processes, create insight and control
  • Extensions for project, manufacturing and logistics inc. WMS, service management and portals
  • Full integration with Exact for HRM, CRM and BPM
  • International business software with language and legislation for more than 40 countries

Make Globe your perfect fit business solution


Integrate your wholesale processes for distribution and stock management met the logistics module e-order, e-purchase, e-barcode and e-stock.

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Integrate manufacturing processes with e-manufacturing, e-calculation, e-quality management, e-MRP and e-realisation.

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Integrate projects, project budgets and hour registration in your financial administration with e-project.

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Exact Warehouse Management System (E-WMS) automate your physical flow of goods and optimizes your logistical processes.

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Service Management

Exact Service Management provides the insight to empower your service provision, supporting more efficient, customer oriented service delivery.

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B2B Webshop

Set-up your own webshop in next to no time with the B2B Webshop add-on. This international portal ensures you’re available online for your customers 24/7.

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Exact Globe can be fully integrated with the Exact solutions for sales, HR and business process management.

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More information

Download the Exact Globe brochure, or get price information on Exact Globe. Buy, hire and hosted by Exact: All possible and easily arranged.

BI with Exact Insights Powered by Qlik

Companies that base their strategic decisions on business intelligence tools outperform their competitors. Especially when employees can integrate, visualise and analyse data themselves using self-service BI data analysis tools.

Our BI tool, Exact Insights, allows you to easily convert large amounts of data into organisation-wide KPIs and trends.

Unlock your big data with integrated Business Intelligence.

Exact Apps

We develop apps centred around you, the user, and your activities. We offer you a completely new user experience that saves you time and money. All our apps are secured with a PIN code, so your information is safe and still easily and quickly accessible. Do you use multiple apps? By simply entering your login details once, you can easily switch between the different apps.

Quick and easy work with Exact Mobile Apps: anytime and anywhere

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With Exact Globe, we have been able to reduce our reporting time by 20%