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Exact for Finance

Financial management and accounting software for every business

From budgetting, forecasting and consolidation to risk management and data analytics. Our international finance administration software supports any global company.

Thanks to the full integration of all financial processes, we optimise your efficiency with access to all information you need to take the correct strategic decisions. Whether you have a single administration or you work with complex financial shared services. We are there to support you, in 40 languages and legislations.

Exact Globe and Exact Synergy are the basis of Exact for Finance.

Benefits of Exact for Finance

  • Get realtime insights via six dashboards: sales, expenses, results, liquidity, risk and management.
  • Access complete and up-to-date financial insight from any location
  • Benefit from international support
  • Use via the Exact Cloud or on-premises

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How Exact for Finance business finance software supports your financial administration

The basis for every digital CFO

In an economy in which digitization accelerates everything, new business models lead to exponential growth. To ensure a stable future, companies have to move beyond their comfort zones.

In a time of technological innovations and digitization, the CFO and his/her team have to go from being ‘bean counter’ to being strategic advisor; this requires a proactive decision maker who knows how to make technology work for him. From Blockchain and Predictive Analytics to cloud and no hands accounting- the first step is automating your financial processes.

The benefits of doing your financial administration with Exact

Exact for Finance offers you complete financial insight. Our financial dashboards and reports provide you with realtime insight into all your financial processes: from an interactive balance, budget and cash flow to checks and auditing. Risk management, compliance and control are consolidated in a single financial system. Make a profit with financial project management and reduce manual work thanks to digital processing and the automatic recording of invoices. Other benefits include:

  • 6 realtime dashboards: sales, costs, results, liquidity, risk and management
  • Operate internationally: including languages and laws and regulations (legislations) in over 40 countries
  • Stop wasting time and improve quality with centralised master data for all administrations
  • Authorise quickly and clearly, at any time, from anywhere.

International financial software

In the present 24/7 digital economy, business is international almost by definition- whether you already have international locations or want to acquire them, or deal with international partners, suppliers, customers and/or competition. When your financial processes are in good order, you can track growth and expand it.

With Exact’s financial software you can work with one central system in all countries. This allows you to achieve rapid standardisation, uniformity and compliance with local and international laws and regulations in a standard out-of-the-box financial management system.

Business intelligence and reporting

Our business intelligence reporting tool, Exact Insights powered by Qlik, provides you with a standard finance dashboard to easily convert large amounts of data into meaningful information, organisation-wide KPIs and trends. A powerful component of the finance dashboard is the ‘what if’ analysis. The system calculates a number of possible scenarios based on a number of variables that you provide. Support your financial analyses with a powerful tool.

Exact Service Essentials

Exact for Finance enables you to optimise all accounting and financial processes for maximum profit. But it’s not just about the software. We want to give you best-in-class customer support. We do this with our service essentials: from analysis and advice to implementation, training and support. This means you reap the maximum from your investment.

Whether you’ve been a customer for years and need to optimise your business accounting software, or you’re thinking of using Exact for Finance, you can join at any phase of our service cycle.

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