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Your Exact solution is an important part of your business,
and this is why you can expect quality support for your investment.
In case of any questions or issues, we are ready to help immediately.



Experience the freedom of our online help. 24 hours per day you have access to support and product information. Also outside office hours of Exact Customer Support you can find a solution for your questions or problems online.

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Advantages of the Customer Portal:

  • Online and 24/7 available
  • My Exact: Access to your information like Invoices and Licenses
  • Extensive product information on your software
  • Answers on your questions via our Knowledge Base
  • FAQ's & Manuals
  • Quick answers via a Support request
  • Instruction videos about our products
  • Exact News, Products, Updates and Software changes
  • Over 100 e-learnings available

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