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Exact International services

Focus on scalability and local support

Analyze & Advise

Best practices speed analysis and solution design phases dramatically. An implementation blueprint that can be rolled out the same way in each location is your key to full standardization and integration across all locations, and an implementation speed unmatched in the software industry. A GAP analysis between the pilot implementation and specific local requirements completes the picture.


A central project manager coordinates local consultants and support staff in the pilot location, leveraging their expert knowledge of business administration, and local legal, fiscal and cultural requirements to fine-tune the global blueprint. Once completed, the experience gained accelerates deployment across the remaining locations.

Training and Optimization

Our premium support SLAs guarantee specified response times to your issues in addition to a range of other personalized services. Our support and delivery organizations are fully integrated, ensuring we build up detailed knowledge of your organization and how you use our solutions - that expertise just a phone call away when you need us.


A new IT solution for an enterprise organization has a major impact on the employees. Effective change management requires employees to be empowered and equipped to make full use of the new tooling. We create power users with a blended mix of online, in-company and external location courses and learning materials.

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Our solutions are a key components of your operations. That’s why you should expect exceptional support.

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Our software helps all kinds of businesses streamline their processes - from our renowned solutions for financial administration and reporting, to HRM, CRM, BPM and industry-specific ERP.

Stories of successful Exact customers:

Valk Welding

Valk Welding

Exact provides us with a stable and continuous process.
Aufderhaar Kunststof Groep BV

Aufderhaar Kunststof Groep BV

Since the implementation of Exact Globe and Exact Synergy, we’ve been able to save time equivalent to 1.5 FTE.