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Introduce your business

A shop with 25 employees, Stamford, CT-based Southfield Packaging provides packaging and fulfillment services to manufacturers. Providing excellent service to its customers requires access to constantly updated information about inventory, stock, order status and much more.

What are your biggest business challenges?

“I run a shop with 25 employees, but I don’t necessarily think of our business as small, so having the right fit in terms of business software makes a huge difference,” said Mark Melfi, president of Southfield Packaging.

Melfi needed business software that was comprehensive enough to meet the needs of his complex business, but also offered at an affordable price. A popular ERP package Melfi was using previously simply was not making the cut. The solution was expensive, and didn’t offer the real-time business insight, and anytime, anywhere access Melfi needed. Prior to using Exact Online, working on Saturdays was a common occurrence during Southfield Packaging’s busy spring and fall seasons. Additionally, Melfi was tired of making big technology investments without knowing 100% that his business data was secure. Melfi knew it was time to head to the cloud.

How does Exact alleviate these challenges?

Southfield Packaging revealed that since jumping into the cloud and using Exact for Manufacturing, it has cut order processing time by 65 percent thanks to its ability to access all the data employees need on the shop floor and in the warehouse with just a few clicks. Employees access the cloud-based manufacturing software via their smartphones or tablets whether on the floor or in the warehouse, or even after hours outside the facility, so jobs can get underway quickly. As a result, Southfield Packaging has been able to take on more orders while simultaneously relieving a burden on its employees. In spring of 2015, the company processed more orders than last spring in less time – with no overtime required.

Since using Exact, Southfield also cut its overall technology costs, as using a cloud-based solution doesn’t require the manufacturer to continually invest in new equipment and maintenance. Additionally, with Exact, because Melfi always has access to his business data, he no longer has any concerns about its security when he leaves the office for the day.

I would recommend Exact to…

“Any small business manufacturer that wants to operate more efficiently and profitably,” said Melfi. “It’s clear that Exact built its online software with small business DNA in mind. Not only are we more efficient since using Exact, but my employees love to use it on the device of their choice. Getting Exact is one of the best things I ever did for our business.”

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