2018 tax legislation: 5 ways to capitalize and drive your business forward

Section 179 of the tax plan means real opportunity for your business

In 2018 the corporate tax rate in the US is dropping from 35% to 21%. In order to stimulate capital investment, the legislation around asset depreciation has also been amended. As a result, any gains you realize from the drop in tax rate can be offset by fully writing off some types of capital investments in the financial year of purchase. Business Software is included, meaning there’s never been a better time to further invest in your business IT. You can find the full details here: (

With growth is the name of the game in 2018, Exact has some great options to help you be leaner, faster and smarter across the business. Below are 5 key areas where additional investment can really drive you forwards.

Visualize your data

If you’re not yet using data analytics tooling, now is the time to get involved. Use Exact Insights to turn your Globe and Synergy data into flexible slice and dice dashboards. Gain real time insight into the intelligence that can make a difference for your decision makers.


Exact Synergy, together with Event Manager, has the ability to automate and control a huge variety of business processes – from HR and quality control to audit and compliance. Wherever you’re using Excel, you’ve got the opportunity to do things better.

Make accounting ‘hands-free’

Exact’s solutions for digital invoicing help you digitize and automate your purchasing process. Be faster, cut out mistakes, reduce manual administration and create more time for creating customer value.


Exact Synergy is the platform for employee self-service. With the new basic user (1.50 per month) and mobile self-service app, you can give every employee’s productivity a major boost.

Plan for growth

Are some employees hindered in accessing the information they need? If you’re planning for growth, or have been considering giving more employees access to your system, now is the time to get those extra users in.

Wondering just how much impact these investments could have on your company? Ready to make the next step? Your account manager, Adam Parker, is ready and waiting to help you. Now is the time to invest, and realize a major return.

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