New in Exact WMS

At Exact, we continually work to further develop our solutions. In this way, you profit from improvements and new possibilities when carrying out your work. In this article, you will find a number of the most recent developments in the WMS field.

Increased flexibility when using hand scanners

From this release onwards, the user license will be checked on the scanner. This has a number of benefits:
  • It is now possible to create multiple profiles for one scanner. This means that a certain user can now work with different scanner profiles (for example: in different warehouses).
  • If an order picker has already partially picked an order which was not allocated to a specific scanner, the order picker can now stop prematurely and prepare the remainder of the order for colleagues to continue picking. Previously, only the same order picker could complete the order.
  • If an order to be picked is opened and subsequently closed again on the scanner, without being picked, then this now remains visible and selectable for the other warehouse staff.

Improved insight into scan activities with RF monitor

With one single overview, this new monitor offers you insight into the workload of all scanners and/or scanner groups, and therefore of your colleagues in the warehouse. Consider here goods being moved, received or distributed. You can also easily cancel an action or move it to another scanner.

Replenish stock per production order

From this release onwards, you have more options to replenish stock per production order. In this way, it is possible to get and relocate those materials that are required to carry out the production order to the work floor. That saves you time and space on the work floor.

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