Workspaces in Exact Synergy

Business success depends on good collaboration and the effective sharing of information. It is, therefore, becoming increasingly important that everyone has access to the same information within the company. But how do you share everything optimally? With Exact Synergy Workspaces.

New homepage and dashboard: workspaces

Would it not be nice if your homepage was not only your homepage but an option to share all the important information with your colleagues? To really collaborate in a single environment? You can now do this with the new homepage and dashboard in Synergy: workspaces. With workspaces, you can create a cockpit for each department or each project in which all information is dynamic. You can also add widgets to your workspace, with external information such as tweets and videos. Since everyone works with the same information, efficiency will improve.

Organise everything as you wish

With personal workspaces, you can design information yourself by using widgets. You can also grant colleagues access to a specific workspace and share information that way, for example, within a department or within a specific project. You can find everything created by you, shared with you, or allocated to you in your own workspaces collection. The so-called ‘embed widget’ with which you can display external information, for example, from LinkedIn, a Twitter feed or a video, in a workspace is also new.

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