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Agrifac Machinery
It's a piece of cake to review or update your production plans in Exact
Lean businesses make clear plans, enabling them to deliver on time and on budget. They know exactly what needs to happen and when, ensuring they continually deliver on their promises. The result? Successful delivery and satisfied customers. It’s exactly this approach that Agrifac Machinery in the Netherlands embraces during the development and world-wide delivery of their agricultural machinery. “Our focus is on quality and innovation,” explains plant manager Frank Jan Evers. “We want to be the number one on quality in our industry.”


  • Flexible, user oriented overviews via pivot reporting
  • Simple entry of production orders
  • Excellent insight into and proactive management of flow of materials
  • Trustworthy delivery to order
  • Management reports delivered according to precise wishes


  • Name organization: Agrifac Machinery BV
  • Employees: 90
  • Focus areas: Finance, logistics, production and project
  • Operations: Netherlands, Russia and UK



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