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Exact for International Businesses

With Exact for International Business you work with a single central system in all countries. This enables standardisation, uniformity and compliance. All offices work according to a single international standard, but in their own language and in adherence with local laws and regulations. Read more about Exact for International Business here.

Our deployment models

If you purchase our software as an Exact cloud service, you’ll never have to worry about software updates, hidden costs, struggling servers or security issues. Choosing the Exact cloud means choosing convenience.
On premise software is installed locally. This means that you’re in charge of your own maintenance and security. By purchasing a license for our solution, you don’t have to invest a large sum at once but you pay a monthly subscription fee.
On premise software is installed locally. This means that you’re in charge of your own maintenance and security. If you opt for the perpetual model, you pay a one-off comprehensive package fee, which entitles you to full ownership.
Exact is part of the Amazon Partner Network. This means that you can now run your Exact Globe and/or Synergy license efficiently in an Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment. This means you can get started right away, don't have to buy hardware, and can easily scale up and down.


You can add or remove users at any time.

Light users work only occasionally with the software and have limited access to some areas of ‘front office’ functionality. Light users tend only to use the system to raise an occasional request or register hours worked.
Medium users work regularly with the software and have access to all ‘front office’ functionality - the tools supporting work processes outside of the financial administration. Medium users often include sales executives and project managers.
Heavy users work continually with the software and have access to all functionality. In most cases heavy users are working in the financial administration, or could be warehouse personnel working with order processes

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