Exact Synergy for iOS and Android

Exact Synergy is now also available for iOS and Android! Using this free app users of Exact Synergy can take their workflow, planning and customers with them wherever they go. This way you can work any place and any time. Download it for free in the App Store or Android Market.

Download the Synergy App for iPhone, iPad or Android for free.

Work wherever and whenever you want

With the Exact Synergy app you have access to all your important data in Exact Synergy. You can search, call or mail your customers. You can register your worked hours on location. Expense claims can be entered very easily: take a picture, add the amount and choose the right customer or project. You can even use Exact Synergy for phone or tablet to create, view or edit requests while travelling.

  • Functionality
  • Mobile access to your workflow
  • Access to your own agenda and those of colleagues
  • Create, view and edit requests and tasks
  • Direct access to all contact data of customers, suppliers and colleagues
  • Make a phone call or send an e-mail with only one click
  • Enter expense claims by photographing receipts
  • Hour entry on location
  • Enter vacation requests

Exact Synergy App

User roles

For every user-role the applicable features are available: from vacation requests and the creation of tasks for a license-free user to the whole range of features for a professional user.

System requirements

If you want to benefit from the Exact Synergy app, you need to use an Exact Synergy environment with product update 397 or higher or an Exact Synergy Enterprise environment with product update 244 or higher. In both cases the Exact Synergy installation needs to be updated at least once after the 1st of July 2011.

For more information about the system requirements we would like to refer to this document.