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Exact Insights powered by Qlik


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Why Exact Insights powered by Qlik?

Exact Insights allows you to convert large amounts of data effortlessly into organisation-wide KPIs and trends. You can then refer to these through three user-friendly standard dashboards: Sales, Finance and Logistics. With this, you replace traditional reports with customised analyses that are available in real time for all stakeholders, always and everywhere.

  • Saving time because you no longer need help from IT
  • More time left for strategic decision-making and process optimisation
  • The right decisions based on the current situation
  • More efficient analyses because all company data is combined
  • Better insight into specific events and long-term trends
  • Better decision-making because all stakeholders have the same information
  • Quicker anticipation of positive and negative trends

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Read the whitepaper: Big data and the data warehouse

Three standard dashboards

Get the most out of your financial, logistical and commercial data. User-friendly, current overviews and detailed analyses of all your business information. With Exact Insights powered by Qlik you optimise your financial management, logistical and commercial organisation. You get the most out of your data so that the right people can make the right decisions in real-time.



  • Instant insight into cash flow, liquidity, gross and net profit, etc.
  • Instant insight into the outstanding creditor and debtor balances for all the administrations
  • Instant insight into total revenue, expenses and profit
  • Instantly view all transactions on all balances
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  • Instant insight into your turnover rate
  • Instant insight into stock volumes, sales and purchase commitments and invoicing status
  • ‘Time in stock’ and ‘value in stock’ analyses for specific products and product groups
  • Understand which marketing promotions can reduce your stock and increase your working capital
  • Analyse your results when it comes to meeting deadlines
  • Analyse your suppliers’ results when it comes to meeting deadlines
  • ABC and profitability analyses for all items, across all of your customers
  • Google Maps integration gives you geographic insight into your stock and delivery, for an optimal organisation of your logistics operations per item
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  • Insight into who buys what, and when
  • Instant insight into sales volumes per account manager and the contribution to the overall margin
  • Understand what ‘successful’ products actually contribute to the profit
  • Understand the impact of removing specific products from your product range
  • Google Maps integration offers insight into regional results by product volume and/or margin, and a regional ABC analysis of your customers
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Exact Insights powered by Qlik


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Customers of Exact:

  • Exact has helped us to optimise our operational processes and to manage corporate information in a more structured, efficient and secure way.

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