Welcome to MacBean CoffeeWorld!

Trendsetters since 1827

There is coffee and then there is MacBean Coffeeworld coffee. Ever since 1827, we’ve been supplying Europe’s coffee lovers with our aromatic, smooth and robust MacBean Dark coffee. Our authentic coffee varieties are masterfully roasted in the traditional style. Next to this, we also offer the best gourmet tea varieties. You only have to taste our products to understand why we’ve been trendsetters since 1827.

Distinguish yourself by letting your employees and customers enjoy our exclusive coffee and tea varieties. Our gourmet products are at their best when served by one of our expertly designed coffee machines. And because we believe in providing you with options, it’s also possible to lease these machines. Thanks to our maintenance contract we will always be ready to help you. This way, you can make your employees and customers feel special when and where you wish.

To make the MacBean experience complete, we also supply a wide variety of serving products. And when our machines are installed, we organize coffee and tea tasting events to celebrate putting our machines into use.

MacBean CoffeeWorld is a virtual company created by Exact. On these pages you will read how MacBean’s employees automate their business processes with Exact software. Via our demo administration you can see how these processes have been implemented.


This demo administration will be available to you in Exact Synergy as of product update 256.



Anneke Diepstraeten - HR Manager MacBean CoffeeWorld

Anneke Diepstraeten

HR Manager

Every day is different for me. In need to handle vacancies, employee dossiers, vacation requests, leave registration, performance meetings and a lot of different questions. Advising managers and employees is an important part of my job. More and more, they ask me for information.

My needs

  • Provide employees and managers with the right information
  • Keep track of HR processes
  • Be proactive, for example when it comes to preventing sick leave



Antoine de Groot - Sales Manager MacBean CoffeeWorld

Antoine de Groot

Sales Manager

As a sales manager, I need to make sure that the revenue is at or even above the budgeted numbers. I take the initiative in the larger sales cycles, making sure that we win these orders. Next to that, I monitor my account managers and sales staff to make sure that they meet their goals and deliver quality.

My needs

  • Act upon opportunities
  • Keep track of the activities of my sales staff
  • Improve service levels

PSA/Project Management

PSA/Project Management

Erik van Mierlo - Project Manager MacBean CoffeeWorld

Erik van Mierlo

Project Manager

In order to meet my goals, I need to keep a close eye on time, costs, quality and risks. I determine which employees fit the requirements, assign the jobs to them and take care of the planning. Reports help me to keep track of the realized hours and costs, which I can compare to the budgets.

My needs

  • Planning my employees efficiently
  • Having insight into future projects and workforce capacity
  • Keeping my projects within budget

Business Process Management

Business Process Management

Nico Cremers  - Managing Director MacBean CoffeeWorld

Nico Cremers

Managing Director

MacBean Coffeeworld is a well-known brand in the world of coffee. We want to retain that image. Therefore, a structured organization is very important. Every little detail must be right. That’s why different departments are closely connected. Documents are being centrally managed and processes are embedded in the system.

My needs

  • Real-time insights, anywhere and anytime
  • 1 central, organization wide, point of data storage
  • Structured and aligned processes

Service Management

Service Management

Harold Bloom  - Service Manager MacBean CoffeeWorld

Harold Bloom

Service Manager

A customer relationship is more than offering the right product. In fact that is just the start. Service is a way to make a difference. I want customers to be happy while using our products so they can make the difference towards their customers. I work with a team of experts that can work independently provided that all information is on hand at intake as well as onsite. I monitor fix rates and profitability of our contracts and ultimately aim on continuity for our customers.

My needs

  • Satisfied customers
  • Optimal response times and first time fix rates
  • Support our service experts in the field


Contact number

+44 (0)208 396 4058

The Mille, 5th floor
1000 Great West Road
United Kingdom