CRM App for Android

The CRM App for Android became available last October and can now be downloaded from Google Play Store. The app provides sales staff with all the information they need to prepare for their next meeting and to ensure that all agreements reached are followed up.

The app provides real-time insight into information from Exact Synergy, helps you find customer and contact information and gives you access to your entire workflow and document history. Other options available in this app include:

  • A newly designed calendar, which gives you direct insight into your appointments and enables you to instantly plan new ones.
  • All activities that require your attention are displayed in your inbox. Various sorting options ensure that you are in control at all times.
  • You are constantly aware of the latest opportunities to make a sale and thanks to the end date and follow-up date you will never miss a deadline.
  • Regardless of whether you want to monitor your personal KPIs or check the latest information on your customers, you can access the desired information via the integration with Reporting Services. Go to your preferences in Exact Synergy for this and select the reports you want to have at your disposal at any time and place.