The terms for the use of Exact Certificates

Especially for use by accountants that have joined the Accountancy Program we have developed a set of E-Learnings. Except for one, the participant receives a certificate when he has completed the following exam successfully. This document describes the registration and access to the E-Learnings, the use of the certificates by Exact, the participant and the firm that employs the participants.

Introduction Kit

The Introduction Kit gives a quick and brief introduction into the different ways to use Exact for Accountancy at the firm and in the cooperation with its clients. It also explains how to register the firm at the Accountancy Center. The access to the Introduction Kit is open for all employees of the firm and its clients, the Entrepreneur. Because the introduction Kit is primarily informative there is no exam at the end and there is no certificate issued.

Cloud Accountant

Participation in the Cloud Accountant E-Learning is reserved for accountancy firms with an Exact for Accountancy Advanced subscription. Employees of these firms that are active users in Exact for Accountancy can register for the E-Learning by sending an e-mail to

This user will be enrolled in the training course in the Learning Management System (LMS) used by Exact. The LMS will confirm the registration and send an e-mail to the participant with details how to access the materials and how to register for the finishing exam.

The information shared and the registration details are only intended for the registered participant. The participant may not share the information, the provided materials, access to the demo environment where assignments can be completed or the access to the finishing exam with any other person, group of persons or firm. Misuse of materials and information may lead to the withdrawal of the program and annul of the exams and certificates.

Industry Solutions

Before a participant can be registered for one of the Industry Solutions E-Learnings the participant must have passed the Cloud Accountant exam.

Before a participant can be registered for the Manufacturing E-Learning the participant must have passed the Wholesales E-Learning exam.

Registration conditions and applicable confidentiality of information and materials are as described in the Cloud Accountant section.

Reporting and Progress

When requested by the manager of the participant Exact can provide information on the progress of the participant in the enrolled E-Learnings.

Exams and Certificates

The E-Learnings Cloud Accountant and Industry Solutions are all completed by an exam. We advise a participant to study the provided materials and compete the assignments of an E-Learning before starting the exam. However it is not mandatory to do so. A participant can limit the E-Learnings to the parts that he thinks his knowledge is not sufficient.

When enrolled for an exam (by the use of the information provided by the Learning Management System) the participant has 1 (one) hour to complete it.

The participant passed the exam when at least 75% of all questions are answered right. If the participant fails to pass the first exam he has two more attempts to try it.

When the exam is passed, Exact will issue a certificate to the participant. This participant is personal and is valid for 2 (two) years. 2 months before the certificate expires, Exact will notify the participant.

The issued certificate will be shown by Exact in the Accountancy Center at the listing of the firm where the participant is employed. When the certified Exact professional is no longer employed by that firm the firm can appoint another employee to follow the E-Learnings and enroll for the exam. When this participant passes the exam within 2 months after the leaving of the former employee, the Accountancy Center will continue to show the certification.

Use of Certificates

The firms that employs the Exact Certified Professionals is allowed to communicate that on their website and other communications.

When requested Exact will provide logo’s and icons that can be used for that purpose.

If the Exact Certified Professional(s) of a firm are no longer employed by that firm and other employees of that firm have not succeeded to complete the exams within the 2 months following, the firm is no longer allowed to use logo’s, icons or other communication on its website, folders, brochures or other communication.

Class room training

Next to the E-Learnings of the Accountancy Program, Exact will regularly offer class room trainings aimed at users of Exact for Accountancy and Exact industry solutions. The materials used in these trainings may differ from the E-Learnings.

If the participant complies to the conditions for enrolling the exams (see above), he can also register for the exam after participating in a class room training.

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