Meet the next generation My Dashboard 2.0

We're delighted to reveal a next generation: My Dashboard 2.0 is on the way. Designed to give you fast access to financial and non-financial data across all your key performance indicators, the redesigned, more intuitive new dashboard will keep you better informed and more in control than ever.


Exhibit A: the KPI Widget Catalogue

For a start, My Dashboard 2.0 will take customisation to a new level. A wide range of widgets covering processes from CRM and financials to sales and purchasing will help you to find, organise and manage the information you need. And because the catalogue will continue to expand, we're always on the lookout for new KPIs to help manage your business. Thought of something? Let us know! View the current KPI Widget Catalogue.

Widget Catalog English

Exhibit B: Accounts Receivable - Ageing Analysis

This is a great example of a handy widget that can save you time and reduce your cash flow risk. Neatly summarising unpaid customer invoices by date, it shows you at a glance which are overdue for payment – and by how long. You can also use it to evaluate the efficiency of your invoicing process based on Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) figures. View the Accounts Receivable - Ageing Analysis widget.

Aging Analysis English

An easy way to boost your business

So what does all this mean in practice? Well, by letting you dig deeper into your data the widget empowers you to take action.
  • See which customers have outstanding payments and think about how you can lower the overall average payment time.
  • Identify and chase debtors in good time, or even avoid late paying customers altogether.
  • Determine which invoices have been due for a long time and whether they warrant a collection agency.
  • Gain more up to date cash balances thanks to faster invoice processing.
  • Let your accountant monitor the process and suggest improvements.
  • Find a billing system with more ways to pay and automate digital reminders.

You're then in a great position to review your process and make any improvements you or your accountant judge necessary: incentives for early payments, late payment fees, going digital. And your accountant can help you with advice for business growth, financial risk reduction and optimising your margins. Want to gain more value? Find your accountant here!

My Dashboard 2.0

MyDashboard 2.0: Early Access

Knowledge really can power your business. By digging deeper into your data you can make valuable enhancements to your processes. So why not join our Early Access programme this midyear to take a closer look at the all-new My Dashboard 2.0? And if you have any questions in the meantime, please feel free to contact Jason Wong at

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