Top tip to comply with the AVG using Exact

Practically every organisation in Europe must comply with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). The Dutch equivalent is the Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming; "AVG" (Dutch General Data Protection Regulation). Make sure you prepare now, because from 25 May 2018 onwards, you risk receiving hefty fines of up to EUR 20 million or 4% of the total turnover. This is how you take the necessary action in Exact.

Privacy rights

The AVG provides a detailed description of how personal data must be dealt with. If you keep and/or process personal data, the persons whose data you are keeping or processing must be able exercise their privacy rights correctly, easily and quickly.

What type of data does this involve?

It involves personal data that can be traced to a natural person, for example a name, a location, an IP address, an email address and numerical data such as social security, passport or driving licence numbers.

AVG aims to protect personal data

One of the requirements specified in the AVG is that you must take proper precautionary measures to prevent personal data from falling in the wrong hands. Just using user names and passwords is not enough to protect data from unauthorised use.

After all, if the login details fall into the wrong hands, they will be able view and download all the personal data contained in your Exact administration. By using a two-step verification process, you make it impossible for stolen login details to be abused. This means that users are always required to also enter a code generated via an app on their smartphone.

How does it work?

Are you an Exact administrator? Follow these instructions to set up the two-step verification in Exact for you and your employees.

Are you an Exact user? You can set up the two-step verification if your administrator has authorised you to do so. All you need to do to activate the two-step verification is follow these instructions.

Set it up now!

As of 25 May 2018, everyone must comply with the AVG's requirements. Make sure you are prepared and make the necessary arrangements in Exact to ensure personal data is properly protected and to avoid potential fines.

Introducing Timo:

Timo is responsible for identifying ways to improve Exact. One of the key activities he is involved with on a daily basis is the security of the product.

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