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Vizier is a family owned and run accounting and business consulting firm based in London. Founded in 2013, this CIMA-registered accounting practice specialises in financial and strategic analysis in order to help businesses to grow. As well as accounting, they provide a range of services including investment appraisal, financial modelling and tax advisory. With an average of 16 years accounting experience each, Vizier’s team of chartered accountants gets alongside businesses from the get go in order to best facilitate their growth.

Initially, Vizier took part in consulting engagements only. This is project based work. However, Vizier wanted to secure a retainer-based, predictable revenue stream in addition to the consultative business, so it expanded into management accounting. To enable this, it was necessary to consider which software platform to use as an in-house management accounting tool. At an Accountex talk hosted by Exact, Andrew Grove - Director at Vizier - thought he saw the solution.

“Coming across Exact at Accountex really was a stroke of luck. We were impressed with the functionality and look and feel of the application. We’ve come to realise that the traditional approach to small business accounting with its low access, turnkey model is no longer good enough. With Exact, we are part of the new, more accessible generation of accountants, able to offer much more than just ‘number crunching’ to our clients,” he said.

Vizier looked into other providers but Exact seemed to offer the greatest functionality and scalability. Andrew called the service line to set up the demo. As the Exact office is not too far from Vizier’s base, implementation was particularly quick, and within two weeks, they were up and running.

As its products constantly undergo improvement, Exact’s support and training has helped Vizier develop proficiency and stay up to date with product developments. Exact’s technical support and customer service team has been accessible and supportive, too. Exact provides training videos and early access to new product updates as well as opening up for feedback from their customers on a regular basis. For Vizier, this was perfect - and exactly the type of service they offer to their clients.

This business model, which sees Vizier offer high client access, means the firm is constantly learning and always on hand to respond to new issues quickly. Questions and problems are regularly being asked, solved and answered so learning is fast and continuous.

Vizier has found that new business prospects see Exact as a ‘dream come true’ and its partnership has had a significant impact on winning new clients. Now 100% of Vizier’s clients use Exact Accountancy in some way - whether the basic, advanced or industry-specific package.

“What makes our partnership with Vizier especially valuable is the culture match. Here at Exact - just like at Vizier – our focus is on offering our clients tailored services that can grow alongside them and be the best fit at any point in their business journey. Exact Accountancy functionality means Vizier is in real time and direct communication with their clients,” said Aston Byfield, Senior Sales Executive at Exact.

Thanks to Exact, Vizier has really been able to take off and solidify its business model. Although still a small consultancy, they are steadily growing. Exact is a well-integrated part of their business and they see a lot of potential for the future. They are confident that the business will continue to grow organically and develop alongside the ever evolving accounting consultant industry.

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