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Powell & Co Ltd have over 30 years specialist experience in the design and build of quality, commercial, clear span and timber Poultry Housing and Agricultural buildings, nationwide. Now incorporating contract Steel Fabrication and Kit-Form Buildings.

“With the use of Exact products Powell will now able to have reports, to see exactly how the business is growing, what it's bringing in, to do a proper chartered accounts, a profit and loss on each side of the business. It is going to transform the whole way the business operate.” Said Debbie Coles, Operations Manager at Powell & Co Ltd.

Powell & Co discovered Exact thanks to Elementary Solutions, our partner for nearly 2 years. This is how Paul Watson, director at Elementary Solutions, describes our ongoing partnership. “I chose Exact because I was looking for a software solution that was cost-effective, cloud based and which offered more than just an accounting system. I believe it is a strong relationship and I think the success to that is the way that Exact manages the partner”.

“The thing I like the most about Exact for Manufacturing from a personal perspective and from the company itself is its flexibility. It is not just an off the shelf solution! It has actually been able to be adapted to our needs and for the business to be able to grow and the ability to split parts of the business, so for us to see how they are all performing it’s just brilliant! It is an all in one system: whereas lots of other solutions can be very fragmented, this is all together. So it is perfect!" said Debbie Coles.

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