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Canova design, manufacture and wholesale a range of home fragrance & design led gifts. Established in 2008 they delight in serving retailers in both the UK and abroad and have won a number of awards.

They manufacture the majority of their products at their Herefordshire factory, but also have a sales office in Germany and support customers in the UK, Europe and the US. Managing Director Matt Tangye, frequently travels internationally to trade shows and other events.

“Before Exact, we used a number of different solutions to manage different parts of our business.” explains Matt: “While there were some great features, a lack of integration between them meant that work was duplicated and there was room to improve the manufacturing process. There was also too much time wasted on manually reconciling finances and it was a struggle to access up-to-date customer data offsite, which didn’t help with sales.”

Challenge No. 1: Greater manufacturing efficiency

“We looked into a cloud solution to reduce IT infrastructure costs and optimise our processes, specifically managing stock, production and tracking dispatch and delivery.

Thanks to Exact for Manufacturing we have seen measurable improvements. With greater visibility of stock levels we have reduced waste and excess stock being held. We easily identify cost savings by manufacturing the optimum number of units and we can automatically issue dispatch notes with our orders. Job done.”

Challenge No. 2: Empowering our sales

“With an international reach we needed to improve our sales processes. With Exact we can immediately see the cost of production, regardless of whether it’s 1, 10, 100 or 1,000 units. Which means whether we’re in the office, at a trade fair or even out of the country, we can identify where bulk discounts can be applied. In addition, quick and simple access to existing quotes and previous orders really help our sales team to turn opportunities into revenue.”

Challenge No. 3: Improved financial processes

“We had previously used a cloud based accounting product” says Ben Westwood, Canova’s Finance Director and I was aware of the benefits, but it didn’t play well with the other processes in the business. We were still wasting time manually importing, or even re-entering, data.

Now we have the accounts integrated into the end-to-end manufacturing processes I’m no longer tied up reconciling our finances. The day-to-day processes are much improved, with bank statements automatically processed and foreign currency accounts uploaded and matched to sales and purchase records. Everything is quicker and more accurate, meaning I’m now in a position to focus on the long-term goals.

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