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Superstructures, is a practice offering structural engineering and design services in the East Anglia area, pride themselves in providing structural engineering with freshness and flair. Their strong design background means that they are just as excited about the aesthetics of buildings as they are about their structures. They are passionate about providing a detailed, comprehensive package of information for every project which streamlines the construction process, adds economy and reduces risk.

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Summarise two challenges you faced before using Exact?

I had no real-time visibility of project progress. Every month I had to ask our accounts team to run a report on billable hours recorded against our projects but ultimately, by then, any over servicing or budget over runs were flagged up too late. There was no way of prioritising projects, tracking quotes or flagging queries of invoices as I had no CRM system to record the information. This meant I had to run manual reports across spreadsheets and multiple departments across the organisation which was a monotonous task.

How easy or hard was it to get started with Exact?

Project management is dead easy. It is user friendly and the whole team picked it up very quickly’. As a business owner, I can fully understand the system and do not have to rely on my accounts team to run critical project reports. With Exact, I get them in real- time. 

How has Exact helped you to overcome the challenges you had before?

I now keep track of our budgets by entering all the individual information onto one system. The whole project team can view their progress in real-time. Before we set off on our projects, we can set up our client’s budget and be confident that we have a solution to monitor the progress through visual graphical reports, which alert me before projects go over budget. Now we have a system to keep track of project progression and productivity, we are in more control of our margins. We have recorded a profit margin growth of 20% in 2016. I believe Exact contributed to this. Exact is a user friendly system which has made us more efficient. Other systems that we looked at were not as user friendly as Exact.

What is your favourite feature and why?

Do you know what!? I love the project overview page. It’s very simplistic and I can customise the information that I need to see. If I was going to pin it on one thing it would have to be the project progression bar! It’s a small graphical visual, but it is a fundamental driver of the business and how efficiently individual employees and their associated projects are running. One of the most interesting parts of my job is going into a business, big or small and understand how they operate across departments. It was great to see how the Exact Time & Billing solution enabled Superstructures to streamline their processes with an all-in-one software solution, which in James’ case, has allowed him to be able to get the information he needs to make sure his projects are running efficiently, in real time,” said George Shaw, Senior Sales Executive at Exact.

James would recommend Exact because 

In the construction industry, a lot of small businesses are still using manual system. Systems like Exact revolutionise the day to day running of our processes and help us to keep control of our budgets, but also help with growth on our profit margins.....It’s just a more efficient way of running my business!

So if you want to gain control and efficiency you can with Exact!

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