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Bookkeeping doesn’t have to be your hobby in order to manage it accurately and efficiently. We’re constantly improving Exact Online to deliver greater levels of support, so you can zero in on your core business ambitions. But every now and then you might have a question about a new feature, the best way to complete a task, or how to find a certain piece of information. When you’re busy, you need answers fast. That’s why we’ve expanded our knowledge base and launched a brand new Support Community.

How does it work?

Easy. Simply start typing your question into the search bar, then select the suggestion that matches best. Our huge knowledge base contains a ton of enlightening product-related content from user documentation to short videos to e-learning sessions. Still can’t find the answers you’re looking for? No problem. You can now ask the entire Exact community for help. Consisting of experienced users, partners and Exact Online support employees, the community gives you instant access to a finely balanced mix of functional and practical knowledge.


Community spirit

In fact, everybody can contribute to the knowledge base. So if you’ve found a great way of getting something done, please do feel free to share it. Or if you see a question you can help with, go right ahead and give an answer. After all, the more people contribute, the faster everyone can find the support they need.


Constant updates

We update the knowledge base on a daily basis. That includes adjusting the frequently asked questions to reflect the questions we get asked most frequently (which makes sense) - including those we take over the phone or by chat. So any hot topics will be visible straight away without having to wade through link after link. We also edit answers where necessary to make sure they are always 100% correct. We can receive up to 1000 questions every single day, so it keeps us on our toes – and keeps the knowledge base up to date.


Ask, respond and rate

Right now you have to log in to ask or respond to a question. It’s the same if you’d like to rate an article or provide feedback that will help us to improve the information on offer. You’ll also have the option to ‘like’ an answer, which obviously helps your fellow users to quickly identify the most relevant information without having to trawl through everything for themselves. The knowledge base is publicly accessible since the 8th of September. For community and tailored training you need to log in.


Support by phone and chat

Needless to say, our support team is always happy to answer in person if you prefer to ask a question over the phone or on a live chat. Where the Support Community comes into its own, is in the practical working knowledge of users (like yourself) who may well have been in exactly the same situation and looking for exactly the same answers.


A sneak peak at the future

So what does the future hold? Well, artificial intelligence (AI) or so-called self-learning software is on the way. Rather than an army of killer robots, it represents an even faster and easier way to find information. AI will automate the process by analysing support cases and general user data. Just ask your question and the support bot will find the answer faster than you can say ‘Hasta la vista baby’. It will even be able to tell you in a natural sounding human voice, so you don’t have to take your eyes off whatever you happen to be working on at the time.


Sooner than you think

So when can you expect this support in the future? We’re exploring the potential of artificial intelligence right now and are already planning to implement it in the form of a support bot. Exact has always been at the cutting edge of new technologies and we aim to keep it that way to keep supporting your business as effectively as possible.


Visit the Support Community

Got a question? Try out the Support Community right now. Just make sure you’re logged into Exact Online > Menu > Help > Exact Support


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