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Join the Early Access for My Dashboard 2.0 and see how your business is performing. Stop searching for the right data and leave your calculator on the shelf. My Dashboard 2.0 is more flexible and allows you to create your own dashboard, instantly.

A dashboard to gain operational efficiencies

My Dashboard 2.0 is now more customisable than ever. A wide range of KPI widgets covering many processes - from financials, sales and inventory to purchasing - are now included in the KPI widget catalogue (below) to help maximize your business efficiencies. These KPIs will not only help you stay up to speed on the performance of your business, but also maximize your margins. You can even ask your accountant for help defining which KPIs you should be monitoring to make operational improvements and reduce financial risks. Join the Early Access and explore My Dashboard 2.0 at your own time and convenience. Check it out and build a dashboard that makes sense for you!


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My Dashboard 2.0 for Wholesale Distributors

Exact Online customers with wholesale distribution subscriptions can now create dashboards focused on managing the balancing act between maximizing services to customers and minimizing the company’s financial risk. For example, shipping goods from your supplier, maintaining an optimal inventory and delivering final products to the end customers is no easy feat. Especially when a shortage in inventory could mean delivery delays and unhappy customers. On the flip side, an inventory with excess stock means you are tying up your cash forcing you to operate with less cash. The solution?

Create a dashboard that monitors all these aspects of your business. With My Dashboard 2.0 you can do just that. Look for yourself and see how you score based on the following KPIs:

  • On-Time Delivery
  • Bank and Cash Balance
  • Supplier Reliability
  • Sales Order Summary
  • Age of Inventory
  • Purchase Order Summary


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To take take the first step in gaining greater operational efficiencies and reducing financial cash risks, you should be asking yourself the following questions:

  1. What is your on-time delivery score?
  2. How reliable are my suppliers on meeting delivery dates?
  3. Do I have a sufficient level of cash to operate my business?
  4. Is your age of inventory improving?
  5. What is the current status of your purchase orders?
  6. What is the current status of your sales orders?


My Dashboard 2.0: Early Access


This is just one of a whole range of KPI widgets that are aimed at arming you with more knowledge about how your business is performing over time. And it's all part of the improved My Dashboard 2.0, which is available in July 2017 for Early Access. Join now!

Out with old, in with the new!!

Given that My Dashboard 2.0 is a huge improvement, the current My Dashboard will be turned off later this year. This means that you will have to recreate a new dashboard in My Dashboard 2.0. So why not explore it now? Start creating your dashboard in just a view clicks.

Got a question? Feel free to contact Jason Wong at

Happy Dashboarding!

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