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Nobody keeps your data safer than Exact Online. There are always things you can do of course: avoid writing down passwords, regularly change your username and password, always log out on a shared computer. Even so, you can rest assured we’re doing everything possible to maximise online security and protect your details from phishing and fraud. These three recent security enhancements will support your safety even more.

Online security #1: Bank account check

We automatically log any change of bank account number, so you can always check who added, amended or deleted a specific set of details. To do that, simply click the relevant company name then Master data > Data management > Audit trail. From now on, nothing will escape your attention making your account even more secure. Please note: you need to activate the ‘View audit trail’ option first. Find it in the ‘Rights’ section of ‘My Exact Online’.


Online security #2: Email alerts confirm change of bank account

That’s not all. The moment the details of a registered bank account number change - whether it’s a company account, your own personal account or that of one of your employees - the main Exact Online user will be instantly notified by email. If you’re already aware of the change, just delete the mail. But if you think something fishy is going on, contact the Exact Online helpdesk via our support page


Online security #3: Two-step verification

Digital crime is on the rise. The news regularly contains stories of cyber criminals hacking into personal data. Which is why we’ve implemented an easy but effective two-step verification security protocol. In the worst case… do you use the same password for Exact Online as for your email, Facebook, LinkedIn and any other websites that require login details? Hopefully not, but let’s say you do (hypothetically of course). Anyone who manages to obtain the login information for one account then gains access to them all.


Implement an extra level of protection

Two-step verification protects your data by adding an additional second step to the login process. In a nutshell, an app on your phone generates a random security code. To log in, you’ll need to enter this one-time code as well as the usual username and password. So in the case where somebody actually does manage to gain access to your login information, they still can’t log in because they can’t generate the code.


How does it work in Exact Online?

You can now take advantage of this highly secure protocol in Exact Online. It’s fast to install and you just need to download an authenticator app onto your phone.

Are you the Exact Online administrator? Click here to set up two-step verification for you and your employees.

Are you an Exact Online user? Click here to activate two-step verification once it has been enabled by your administrator.

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