App Centre 2.0. Look out for the new look

The App Centre has been around for a while now and it’s been quite a hit, growing fast to the point where it now has hundreds of efficiency-boosting apps on offer. New tailor-made apps from our specialist partners are being added on a daily basis. In fact, you’ve never had more options to boost your productivity, extend your capabilities and work even smarter. And that’s the trouble…

You spoke. We listened. Again.

The thing is, the App Centre is beginning to outgrow itself. It’s getting a bit crowded, which makes it hard to find what you’re looking for and to work out what belongs to where. Finding the right apps to support your business can be challenging. That’s what many of you have been telling us. And we’ve taken your feedback on board.


Expect a more streamlined experience

With a complete redesign underway, the Exact App Centre is set to deliver a far more efficient and streamlined experience from start to finish. And if we do say so ourselves, it’s starting to look pretty good. Let’s start with the homepage for example. We’ve taken the approach that less is more, so you can expect less clutter and more clarity.


Efficiency from the very start

You’ll also find that searching is far easier and more intuitive to use. We have improved the search functionality to find better results, even when making a mistake in your query. For example, we have cut down the number of suggestions, so you won’t be overwhelmed with choice. Furthermore, the category section will also be a lot cleaner and clearer. A more logical and structured layout should make it a lot faster to hone into exactly the kind of add-ons you’re looking for.


Great results

We’re also overhauling the results overview page. Fine-tuning the filtering process will increase the relevance of the apps that come up. Results will also be grouped according to the Exact product they are designed to support, so you’ll see what’s relevant to you straight away.


The fine print

And finally…when you click on an app that interests you, you’ll now see all the information you need. You can quickly decide if it’s right for your requirements: features, benefits, integration details, pricing and reviews will all be available at a glance. Better design. Better search. Better results. Get ready for App Centre 2.0. We’ll let you know a launch date as soon as it’s ready, so keep an eye open whenever you visit the current App Centre.

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