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The Dashboard is now more customisable than ever. A wide range of widgets, covering many processes - from CRM and financials to sales and purchasing - will help you monitor data and stay up to speed with every client. Once you create your custom widgets, your clients can access them via My Dashboard 2.0 or the Advice Dashboard. In Early Access your client can only view widgets - the power to create them is in your hands. Later this year, your manufacturing and wholesale clients will, however, be able to create widgets themselves. Check out the overview of the available widgets.

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Accounts Receivable - Ageing Analysis

This is a great example of a handy widget that can save your clients' time and improve their business. Neatly summarising unpaid invoices by date, it displays those overdue for payment and groups them by the number of days they have been due. You can also use the widget to evaluate the efficiency of your clients' invoicing processes, for example, based on Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) figures. That is a quick win to boost your clients' cash flow, putting them in a stronger position to support current operations, finance investments and ultimately - to help them grow their business.
Besides bookkeeping, tax and VAT filing, it is now possible to give your clients advice on internal SME processes, business growth, profitability improvements and financial risk reduction. 

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How to read the Accounts Receivable ageing report

The widget clearly reports the total amount overdue in addition to amounts broken down into 30-day ‘buckets’: 1-30 days, 31-60 days, 60+ days. Simply click on a bucket to view a more detailed breakdown of who owes each client how much. And more importantly, the widget will show you what you can do to minimise the average payment cycle, monthly trends and the impact they have on a business - opening up yet more opportunities to offer solid advice.

An easy way to boost your practice…


By letting you dig deeper into client data, the widget instantly empowers you with new levels of insight. You're then in a great position to help your clients invoice efficiently, tighten up cash flow, and identify improvements for the future: incentives for early payments, late payment fees, going digital, and so on.

Advice Dashboard: Early Access

This is just one of a whole range of widgets that will provide the knowledge you need to offer profitable, proactive consultancy services. And it's all part of the all-new Advice Dashboard, which is available in Early Access in July 2017. Join now and create an Advice Dashboard for your clients!?

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